Monday, November 28, 2016

WorkItems History: My first extension for VSTS and TFS

I'm very excited and proud to share with you the first version of my very first Extension for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server: WorkItems History.

WorkItems History is an extension that adds a "History" hub to the Work section of VSTS/TFS and allows you to see the history of the added/modified work items.

Working in a team is not always easy, especially when you need to have "things under control". With this extension, you can have a little more control of what is happening on your work.

Other info
I decided to release this extension as Open Source Software.
You can have a look at its GitHub page ( and, if you wish, you can contribute to the project. Please refer to Contribution guidelines and the Code of Conduct for more details.

Usage, support and Feedback
The extension is publicly available on the VS Marketplace, at this link:

You can take a look at the GitHub repo to find more information on usage or installation of the extension.

If you encounter any issue using this extension, please let me know through the Issues page on GitHub and I'll fix the problem as soon as possible!

I'm waiting for your feedback :)

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