Thursday, April 17, 2014

Work Item Query Language in URL with TFS2013

As many of you surely already know, it's possible to wuery work items in TFS sending a direct url to the server.

In TFS 2008/2010 the url syntax was:

http://<ServerAddress>:8080/tfs/<TPC Name>/q.aspx?pname=<Project>&wiql=<WIQL>

But in TFS 2012/2013 it doesn't work. Indeed, they have changed the url format to the following:

http://<ServerAddress>:8080/tfs/<TPC Name>/<Project>/_workitems#_a=query&wiql=<WIQL>

TPC Name  is the name of the project collection
Project is the name of the project you want to query against
WIQL is the query written in the "Work Item Query Language"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Azure Updates: Web Sites, VMs, Mobile Services, Notification Hubs, Storage, VNets, Scheduler, AutoScale and More

It has been a really busy last 10 days for the Azure team. This blog post quickly recaps a few of the significant enhancements they’ve made.  These include:

Web Sites: SSL included, Traffic Manager, Java Support, Basic Tier
Virtual Machines: Support for Chef and Puppet extensions, Basic Pricing tier for Compute Instances
Virtual Network: General Availability of DynamicRouting VPN Gateways and Point-to-Site VPN
Mobile Services: Preview of Visual Studio support for .NET, Azure Active Directory integration and Offline support
Notification Hubs: Support for Kindle Fire devices and Visual Studio Server Explorer integration
Autoscale: General Availability release
Storage: General Availability release of Read Access Geo Redundant Storage
Active Directory Premium: General Availability release
Scheduler service: General Availability release
Automation: Preview release of new Azure Automation service

All of these improvements are now available to use immediately (note that some features are still in preview).

See this Scott Guthrie's blog post to discover all the details