Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SQL Server Log File Shrink for all databases on a server

If you use SQL Server, you certainly now that the grow up of transacion log file (.ldf file) is a serious problem.

The faster method to resize the transaction log is to do a shrink.

But if there are N databases on a server, a DBA has to repeat the operation for N times. So, I've created this T-Sql script with that you can automatically execute this operation for all databases on a server.

EXECUTE sp_msforeachdb
'USE ?;
DECLARE @LogLogicalName nvarchar(100);
SELECT @LogLogicalName = file_name(2);
DBCC SHRINKFILE(@LogLogicalName, 100);'

sp_msforeachdb: an undocumented microsoft stored procedure that allow to execute T-SQL code on each database on a DB server.

?: the database name given from stored procedure.

file_name(2): a function that return the logical name of db transaction log file.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Disable a button after click (Asp.Net)

To disable a button after click, to avoid that a user re-click on it before the completion of the operation, we have tu use javascript.
The problem is that the disable javascript function remove the postback ability of the button.

To bypass this problem, we can use the following code, writing it into Page Load event:

Me.btn.Attributes("onclick") = "this.disabled = true; " & Page.GetPostBackEventReference(btnSub).ToString

Into this code, btn is the id of the button and btnSub is the routine that normally handles btn.Click event