Friday, May 28, 2010

Read and Write with Cassandra in Vb.Net

This is a first example of application in that write and read datas using Cassandra and HectorSharp interface( Just download HectorSharp and compile it to create libraries for your project. Obviously, we need to create a referenco to the HectorSharp library in our project before we can use it.

In this example we use the default keyspace of Cassandra (Keyspace1) and also a default Cassandta column family (Standard1).

We'll create a column called "MyColumn" in the column family and we'll put in a value.

For this purpose, we'll use a Web Application with label, called “lbltest”, where we'll show data picked from Cassandra.

Imports HectorSharp


'db connection
Dim cf As New KeyedCassandraClientFactory(New CassandraClientPoolFactory().Create(), _
New KeyedCassandraClientFactory.Config())
Dim client = cf.Make(New Endpoint("localhost", 9160))

'db definition (keyspace)
Dim keyspace = client.GetKeyspace("Keyspace1")

'Dim path = New ColumnPath(columnfamily name, supercolumn name (if present), column name)
Dim path = New ColumnPath("Standard1", "", "MyColumn")

'insert a value in db
keyspace.Insert("0", path, "My new value")

'get the value
Dim column As Column = keyspace.GetColumn("0", path)

lbltest.Text = column.Value

How you can see, working with Cassandra using HectorSharp is really simple.

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