Friday, May 28, 2010

Installing Cassandra in Windows

Installing Cassandra Project ( Windows is really simple, maybe more the do it on Linux.

Cassandra is a BD engine written in Java, the only requirements to install it is Java 1.6 (Is better to use the most up-to-date version).

After installing Java, download the tar.gz archive for the official site and then untar it in the chosen folder (For this example we use "C:\Cassandra").

Well, now just do a bit of configuration. Open "C:\Cassandra\conf\storage-conf.xml" and change default value of the nodes below to:


Note: normally is better to use two different disks for commit logs and datas.

Finally, we have to set "CASSANDRA_HOME" as system variable with value "C:\Cassandra"

So, now we can launch "C:\Cassandra\bin\cassandra.bat" to start the Cassandra Server.

Ok, at this point the Cassandra server will be "up-n-running".

To test it, we can launch "C:\Cassandra\bin\cassandra-cli.bat" and then give the command:

connect localhost/9160

If all works, we'll have this answer: "Connected to: "Test Cluster" in localhost/9160"

Enjoy :)

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