Friday, August 26, 2016

VSTS - Files, Details and Folders

In august there's been only one update to Visual Studio Team Services. Let's take a look at my 3 favourite new features for this month.

Pull requests Files

The biggest new feature in this release is the ability to see past updates made to a pull request. A few sprints ago (July 7th), they released the ability to properly track comments as a pull request is updated with changes. However, it’s not always easy to see what’s between updates. In the Files view, you can now see exactly what changed each time new code is pushed to your pull request. This is really useful if you’ve given feedback on some code and want to see exactly how it changed isolated from all of the other changes in the review.

Improved build details

When you click down to focus on a specific build, it now gives you a lot more information about what's happening and overall code quality. 

Build Definition folders

Does your team have a lot of build defintions? You can now use folders to keep them organized in the All Definitions tab.

Tip: Have a batch of definitions that need the same permissions? Put them in a folder and then you can give permissions to the folder

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