Tuesday, June 21, 2016

VSTS - SSH, Docker and Tokens

Another month, another update for Visual Studio Team Services! (To be honest, there have been 2 updates in June :) )
This is my favourite 3 new features:

SSH clients can connect to Git repos

Team Services Git repos now support SSH connections. This makes it easy for many development tools, build systems, and other services to connect, especially if you develop on Mac or Linux. You can get the SSH clone URL for your repo from the Clone button on the web, and also manage SSH keys on your profile page.

SSH has been enabled on all existing accounts. For the next sprint, SSH won't be enabled on new accounts until a few hours after the account is created. That restriction will go away shortly.

Docker integration for build and release management

Take advantage of the VS Team Services cloud-based build capabilities to build your Docker images and upload them to the Docker Hub as part of your continuous integration flow. Then, deploy those images to a number of Docker hosts as part of Release Management. The Marketplace extension adds all the service endpoint types and tasks necessary for you to work with Docker from VS Team Services.

Release – Passing oauth tokens to scripts

You might often need to run custom PS scripts in Release Management, which invoke REST APIs to create work items or query for more information about a build. You can now check an option in the environment to make a Visual Studio team Services OAuth token available to such scripts.

Here is a simple example on how to get a build definition:
$url = "$($env:SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONCOLLECTIONURI)$env:SYSTEM_TEAMPROJECTID/_apis/build/definitions/$($env:SYSTEM_DEFINITIONID)?api-version=2.0" Write-Host "URL: $url" $definition = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $url -Headers @{ Authorization = "Bearer $env:SYSTEM_ACCESSTOKEN" } Write-Host "Definition = $($definition | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 1000)"

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