Thursday, October 30, 2014

Place the Database under Source Control - free eBook

Normally, a Source and Version control system shows huge benefits in coordinating the efforts of the development team, ensuring a complete audit trail of all changes to the code files, and allowing the team to reproduce any specific revision or build.

Database developers can and should also benefit from source control's audit history and change-tracking capabilities, but there's more to it than simply placing a few database build scripts into a subfolder of the application development team's project folder in source control. Unlike application developers, database developers are not assembling files into a neat little application package, but are instead running scripts that feed off each other and off existing database objects, while negotiating the close interdependency between the code and the data.

To cover what we can call "Database Lifecycle Management", and consider it a branch of ALM, RedGate has developed an interesting free ebook, called "SQL Server Source Control Basics"

Unfortunately, the book's authors decided to use SVN, but you can take the core concepts and bring them to Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online as well.

Topics include:
  • Source control core concepts
  • Choosing a database version control system and structure
  • Branching and merging strategies
  • Automating database versioning and deployment from source control
  • An introduction to database continuous integration

The eBook gives a detailed walkthrough of database source control concepts, with code samples and clear examples.

You can download it, for free, here:

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