Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visual Studio Online now supports Azure Active Directory

Yesterday the Microsoft's vsalm team began deployment of the sprint 68 work.

The biggest thing in the announcement is the next step in the rollout of Azure Active Directory (AAD) support in VS Online.  They started this journey back in May with the very first flicker of AAD support at the Build conference.  Then they added more support at TechEd but they've stay pretty quiet about it because, until this week, there was no way to convert and existing account to AAD.  With this deployment they’ve enabled it.  Officially it’s in preview and you have to ask to get access to do it but they’re accepting all requests so it’s nothing more than a speed bump to keep too big a rush from happening all at once.  With these last set of changes, you can:

  • Associate your OrgID (AAD/AD credentials) with your MSDN subscription, if you have one, and use that to grant your VSO license
  • Create a new account bound to an AAD tenant
  • Bind an existing account to an AAD tenant
  • Unbind an account from an AAD tenant
  • Log in with either a Microsoft Account or and OrgID (AAD only or synchronized from you on prem Active Directory) giving you single sign-on with your corporate credentials, Office 365, etc.
To see all the details about AD support and other things included in the update, read the original post on MSCD by Brian Harry.

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